Automated Contact Tracing to keep your workers safe.

WorkClout has partnered up with Inokyo to provide Automated Contact Tracing (ACT) to help isolate the virus within your factory.

I know we’ve been emailing quite a few times, we’re really passionate about working with manufacturers during this crazy time and want to make sure you have the best tools possible to keep your workers safe and endure through this pandemic.

Introducing our official partnership with Inokyo ACT. When you get Inokyo ACT, you’ll also get WorkClout, so you have both preventive (WorkClout) and reactive (Inokyo ACT) solutions to help fight this.

What is Inokyo ACT?

Inokyo ACT detects and traces sick and at-risk individuals to keep warehouses, factories, and public spaces open. Contact Tracing allows you to identify all possible paths of exposure of an employee who is found sick.

How does Inokyo ACT work?

Inokyo ACT uses state-of-the-art computer vision technology to track the whereabouts and actions of people in physical spaces.

With their camera system deployed, if an individual is found to be sick or tests positive for COVID-19, they rapidly identify who and what they have come into contact within the recent past to determine exposure.

Automated contact-tracing means only at-risk employees need to be tested and remain home, preventing uncontrolled spread or a complete shutdown.

What does that mean for you?

It means you can keep production going without worrying about a complete shutdown because you can isolate an employee and other employees exposed extremely quickly. If you’re interested in seeing a demo of how Inokyo and WorkClout work together, feel free to schedule a time here:

Also if you missed our webinar on How To Prepare Your Operations for COVID-19, you can take a look at the recorded video here:

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