Early Access: Performance Support for Floor Operators

WorkClout is launching a new product for all your employees!

Today we’re introducing WorkClout Performance Support Software:

A tool to help industrial labor perform to their highest potential by centralizing on-the-job employee training, troubleshooting, safety/quality procedures,  knowledge building, and performance tracking. Allowing a culture of continuous improvement.

Get early access to WorkClout Performance Support here:

We’re releasing access to a few select companies, we’ll be launching the software to the public in 2020. If you’re interested in learning more or getting early access, click on the Request Early Access button.

By getting early access you’ll get access for free and a discounted rate when it’s released to the public.

We already released it to a few select companies and early reviews have come in:

  1. Early Results:

    Early customers have seen an overall decrease in absenteeism, turnover, safety, and defects. While seeing an overall increase in productivity, customer satisfaction, and profitability per person in the plant.

    Early Reviews from initial customers on Capterra, Software Advice, and GetApp:


    Over the past few months, we’ve been researching variables that affect optimal production efficiency, after interviewing over 124 manufacturers, there was one constant variable: EMPLOYEES.

    Most manufacturers experienced these problems:

    • Employees’ performance hinders productivity.

    • Employees aren't motivated to work at their full potential which results in turnover and lack of engagement.

    • Safety incidents, quality defects, and hazards all result from poor training.

    • Just-in-time information is not available or accessible at the relevant time.

    • Cross-training for employees to learn new skills is slow and undocumented.

      We took this feedback and created a solution to address all of these pain points in the easiest and most effective way.