WorkClout Rated #1 Manufacturing Software By Gartner & Software Advice

Gartner's Front Runners Quadrant for Manufacturing 2019 Released Today

Gartner owned Software Advice announced it's 2019 top software products for manufacturing. WorkClout was listed as the Category Leader in their FrontRunner quadrant, as a new player in the market it's really great seeing that the hard work we put out is being recognized by our customers and industry leaders.

Only the top-scoring products appear in FrontRunners graphics.


Software Advice's FrontRunners uses reviews from real software users to highlight the top-rated Manufacturing software products in North America. They judge software companies by two dimensions: Customer Satisfaction and Usability. 

Customer Satisfaction:

Customer Satisfaction rating is determined by customer ratings on a scale of 1-10 based on factors like:

∙ Customer Support

∙ Likelihood to Recommend

∙ Value for Money


Usability rating is determined by customer ratings on a scale of 1-10 based on factors like:

∙ Functionality

∙ Ease of Use

At WorkClout, we instill specific product values to determine how our software can help our manufacturing customers:

WorkClout Product Values

Flexible (Not Rigid) - allow customers to customize and have the ability to make it adaptable to their workflow. 

Light Weight - it should be easy to use, metric to measure by is Time to Understanding rate (how long does it take to train and onboard). 

Collaborative - our products should make it easier to work with each other, not harder. 

Non-exclusive -  work well and play nice with other systems.

Offer Insights -  be brave enough to make suggestions on best practices based off of customer challenges. 

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